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History's Never Tasted So Good

The year 1844 may or may not have any meaning to you, but to us, this year is pretty significant. Take a trip back into time with us, and we’ll share the story behind the meaning 1844 Table & Mash.

It’s the 1800s, deputies and petitions were sent to Washington several times to grant approval on construction in Southport’s (now Kenosha) harbor, but without much success. Until June 25th, 1844 after hard efforts were made, word was received that an appropriations bill had passed in Congress granting $12,500 for the construction of a harbor. The construction to Southport’s harbor paved the way for not only the community’s growth economically but demographically. The growth and establishment of Southport soon evolved into the city we know and love today- Kenosha.

In addition to the harbor being built in 1844, a new pier and warehouse went into successful operation, the city's first bookstore opened, the "Wisconsin Phalanx" a Fourier association was organized, and the Irish repeal party was formed. 

To honor the growth and success of all that is Kenosha, we dedicated our restaurant’s name to the historical significance of not only the year 1844, but to the prospect of future success within our community. So join us at the table and raise your glass to the history that was and the future that’s waiting to be!